3 Tips To Support Your Energy Block

3 Tips To Support Your Energy Block

What are your energy blocks? Do you ever feel you cannot continue? You don’t know if you are good enough?

The acronym G.A.I.L.
G – gremlins, little voices in our head that tell us we are not capable, someone doesn’t like us, we are not good enough, we need more education because we don’t know enough, etc

A – Assumptions we make about the future because of our experience of the past.

I – Interpretation based on our background, society, religion, school, etc;

L – Limiting Beliefs for example, I am too old to learn, I am too young and so older people will not respect me, as I age I will have pain, money is hard, people won’t like me because …, etc

3 Personal Tips

1, Consistency. Put your 100% behind it and don’t quit if you tried it one time and it didn’t work.

2. When you stop passing off opportunities,stop trying to be perfect and actually say yes to what you truly desire and embrace failing as part of your growth process then you will start seeing results.

3, If you are ready to stop playing small and finally step up,say yes to your dreams, explore what more you could be and do,start living a life you love on your terms, then message me to learn more about Unleash Your Sassy Confident Self!

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