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One of the limiting beliefs most people have especially as we start to age, are: our bodies will change for the worse; we will have pain; we will get sick; normal part of aging; Just to mention a few. This is actually not true and there a lot of people who have defied this belief JUST A FLUKE?  My journey at age 56 began 5 years ago and today at 61 I feel much better, have more energy then when I was in my 30’s My goal is to help you to become a healer in your own home through self-directed plant-based nutrition, fitness and connecting with your internal guide, your spirit. My recommendations do not come in a prescription bottle. My solutions range from recipes to detoxes, from essential oils, exercise in the comfort of your own home and supplements to lifestyle habits that you can engage in very easily without disrupting your busy life. I am an avid lover of essential oils. I found them to be incredibly effective in helping with everyday mood-boosting, restful sleep, digestive support, and cleansing, just to name a few. Read about out how essential oils were the missing link for me in enhancing my well-being! (NEED TO PUT LINK) My other great passion is helping women to create a life that they love to live! I have an incredible opportunity for all of you to work with me and to become a Leader in a Mastermind and a Wellness Advocate on this incredible wellness journey. Join me and my amazing team to create a grass-roots movement in your community to share the message of simple, daily health habits. Learn more about how you can become a leader and inspire other people and teach others to do it, too!