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26 years ago, I was chronically sick, with digestive issues, feeling tired, depressed and experiencing a sensation of constant overwhelming from the combination of both work and bringing up my children as a single parent. I never seemed to have enough energy to get through the day. I was juggling too many responsibilities and suffering from some major consequences. It was as if I was just hanging was just hanging from a thread and walking around in a daze. I finally took myself to my doctor who sent me for a myriad of tests which came back as positive for addition, I was diagnosed with ahyperthyroidism (this later changed 5 years later to hypothyroidism) . In addition I was diagnosed with a slipped disc in 2001 after living with excruciating pain for 6 years being told that there was nothing wrong with. I was the good patient and took the medication I was given with increasing symptoms and fluctuation with my meds for 23 years. In 2015, I looked up and thought – “This is not getting me anywhere I’m not feeling any better, survey there must be another way”. Thus my journey began into alternative ways of living a healthy life.

Changes I started with were; giving up all refined sugars (granted, I fell off the wagon at times), I began eating more plants and even went completely raw for 6 months and when I started having cooked meals, I made my own meals and didn’t eat out. Leafy green vegetables became a staple in my diet, I tried different greens I had never tried before and discovered a whole new world. Celery juice was a daily ‘must have’ for me, first thing after my lemon water on an empty stomach.

Green smoothies provided a simple daily habit that produced the necessary energy to start my day without caffeine. For exercise I walked, jogged and focused on yoga for toning up and for my chronic back pain and fun exercises that I enjoyed. My stress level decreased and my energy increased. I was only slightly overweight but all that unwanted excess weight started to melt off, and I began to feel like myself again and the person I wanted to be. Over time, I explored more healthy habits: positive journaling, biking on nice days, meditating and using Essential Oils oils and a whole food shake to keep me healthy. I reclaimed my life and my body! On my journey, I learned that 80% of what we do on a daily basis dictates the life that we live later. I want that life to be rich, healthy, and filled with amazing experiences. Since my discovery of years educating myself and others I work with on healthy lifestyle habits, I am helping women to lose weight, sleep better, lower cortisol levels, and reclaim their lost energy. I have seen women transformed both emotionally and physically…and get the body that they have always longed for. Isn’t this wonderful!