It is normal to have a bit of stress occasionally , however with our modern day living, we all have a bit more than our fair share of stress. So I get it, stress is normal these days. We can’t avoid it. HOWEVER, it is important that we learn to manage our stress.

Question! Is stress the culprit to hormonal imbalance in the body? Stress is not only the prime instigator of chaos in our bodies, but it is arguably the cause of most chronic diseases. The constant rushing around, multitasking, wanting to do more, trying to please others, etc are the many things that increase our stress levels.Some symptoms of your body being out of balance include the following:-

– Your hormones are out of whack

– You don’t feel focused

– You are exhausted in the middle of the day

– You have digestive issues

– the brain gut connection

– You experience head and neck tension

– Problems losing weight- Regularly sick in the year

– A lot of mental chatter so you find it difficult falling or staying asleep

– Feeling of being overwhelmed by what you have to do

– Always in a hurry .With the words you use

– You are used to feeling stressed and can’t remember what it feel to be grounded and calm

You don’t feel happy or fulfilled

Effective Solutions to Stress Management with oils.

These are my favourite oils you can choose your own favourites:yoga/pilates or gentle stretch exercises using lavender or bergamot in a diffuser or inhaling

1. Mindfulness and meditation – Rosemary is a good oil to use to help for concentration. Wild orange is another great oil to use during meditation.

2. Letting ‘Go’ technique. I would recommend the book by Dr David Hawkins – ‘Letting Go – A pathway to surrender’. Becoming more aware of your body and recognising when you get stressed. Clary sage is a good oil to use for times when you feel stressed

3. Consume foods that support the gut

4. Regularly cleansing the body from toxins. Examples would be fasting that works for you. I do an intermittent fast. Because this is gentle I am able to do this daily. And I also do a 24 hour fast once a month. Oils good for this are; lemon, grapefruit, jumper berry. I also regularly do the Heavy Metals Detox by the the Medical Medium

5. Use Essential oils regularly. You can develop and find your favourites over time

6. Breathing – alkalises the blood. Morning deep breathing exercises as part of your daily routine. Also throughout the day especially when you are feeling stressed. The alternate nostril breathing is also very good to manage stress

7. Lemon water – a drop of lemon oil (I use a tiny bit of stevia to mix the oils when ingesting) in a 16 ounce glass of water

WARNING – Ensure that oils you use are therapeutic grade and are tested internally and externally

Other oil good for stress management are ; ylang-ylang, spikenard and neoli. Just inhale and it does the job. It hits the limbic system and starts to calm the autonomic nervous system which is responsible for controlling functions like our breathing, heartbeat and digestion.

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