Celery Juice – A Miracle Cure

Celery Juice – A Miracle Cure



I started drinking celery juice in 2016 and started to see a significant difference in symptoms. Of course I used this with clean eating, exercise, good sleep and stress management. I didn’t begin eating clean food straight away, I cut out sugar in 2015 and then started with celery juice, which was my starting point. There was such a remarkable difference in my symptoms, I was encouraged to look at what I put in my body. Through trial and error, I arrived at what works and am now in the process of designing my way.

HASHIMOTO’S THYROIDITIS. I was diagnosed in 1990 and had some of the following symptoms:
– depression – on medication with initial benefit but no cure
– exhaustion
-weight management
– hair thinning
– loss of eyebrows
– carpel tunnel syndrome
– numbness
– tingling
– insomnia
– vertigo
– inflammation causing chronic pain
– brain fog
– and many more

In 1990 I started on medication which helped a lot an I’m grateful for that, but the idea of having to take this daily for anther 40/50 years I, CANNOT stand.

ENOUGH! ENOUGH! And so my journey on self experimentation and research on the subject Hashimoto’s and how I can cope and not feel pain began. I found people who had become better from Hashimoto’s; doctors who had supported the journey of those who were healing; seminars and webinars to understand what was going on with me.


FACT – 20 years ago, treatment used to get people better, today the same treatment, not so. So, WHAT IS GOING ON! I’m not sure anyone really knows. We are at a time when science is at its best, and medicine has never been better and yet we hare getting sicker and sicker with no cure. We might have remission but no cure WHY??

Anyway, what I now know – We cannot look at the body in isolation if we are looking at optimum health. The body, mind and soul work together for wellness and better still to avoid getting into this situation. Everything is connected. Unfortunately because we have since the early 1900’s been bombarded with toxins, some of this means that children are born already compromised and susceptible.

This is a huge topic and impossible to cover her. If you want to know more, please let me know int he comments section and I will get back to you

Of course in addition general nutrition, eating wholesome foods and not ‘fake foods’, exercise, good sleep and stress management play a great role in healing and prevention

Take care people and remember to take care of what you put into your body, I am your sister in health and wellness, adios for now 💪👍😁😍

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