5 Steps To Learn To Trust Your Heart

Spirituality is a great part of what I do. My coaching involves working with the whole person that is the body, mind and spirit. This involves understanding one’s true essence which is the higher self. I would not be where I am today without understanding and connecting with my spirit self. For me, this has not been easy because I suppose my ego is very large and when I take three steps forward, my ego intervenes and I go back two steps. It may not be this way for you, it may be easier, nevertheless, it does involve daily work.

This connection will not happen on its own and one has to continue to work in this area constantly. If you stop, you begin to lose the skill, like with anything you learn. I have discovered that one of the reasons for our existence is growth in the area. So whilst we have our bodies, it is essential that we continue to work on all areas of the whole being, so the mind and the spirit. The body will pass away at some point, but the spirit will continue on the journey of growth and learning. Our spirit has always been and will always be. As Einstein so succinctly put it – Energy is neither created nor destroyed.

Today, I want to talk about a practice that I recently began using as my morning routine meditation. This is the heart brain coherence.

FACT – did you know that when something is about to happen to you, the heart knows 5 seconds in advance, then it sends the message to the brain? This is a very interesting fact like so many things they don’t teach in school. I think this knowledge is very important, don’t you? Once the heart gets the message, it sends the information to the brain. This means, if you are very aware of your body, you get the direction of what to do from your heart because your heart will always give you direction. Once the information gets to the brain, it tries to protect you and so comes up with solutions that may sway you, based on what you have in your subconscious.

You may not even be aware of what is in your subconscious. It may be issues that are holding you back which may mean that your decision is not where you would like to be. To get the right answer, it is vital that we learn to listen to the heart.“In each moment of every day, a conversation is taking place inside us that’s one of the most vital we will ever find ourselves engaged in. It’s the silent, often subconscious, and never-ending conversation of emotion-based signals between the heart and the brain. The reason this conversation is so important is that the quality of the emotional signal the heart sends to the brain determines what kind of chemicals are released into our bodies. When we feel what we would typically call negative emotions (for instance, anger,hate, jealousy, and rage), the heart sends a signal to the brain that mirrors our feelings. Such emotions are irregular and chaotic, and this is precisely what the signals they send to the brain look like” Gregg Bradon

GRATITUDE FOR LOCKDOWN – I have found this period of lockdown to be very challenging emotionally as I disagree with the policy and action taken and have felt really trapped. In short NEGATIVE about the whole situation. However, it has forced me to go within to deal with the conflict in my mind. This is a situation I cannot change and even though I don’t believe that I should turn a blind eye to some of the policies that may be forced on us, I need to have a voice as changes may affect generations (negatively I feel )to come. I need to find a way to have peace within myself. I have known about the heart brain coherence for a while ( I guess this early knowledge was preparation for now), it is not until recently that this technique came up again and I am now using this to channel my anger into something positive for me which in turn will help me support others.


Step 1: Focus Your Heart

Action: Allow your awareness to move from your mind to the area of your heart.

Result: This sends a signal to your heart that a shift has taken place—you are no longer engaged in the world around you and are now becoming aware of the world within you.

Step 2: Slow Your Breathing

Action: Begin to breathe a little more slowly than usual, allowing five to six seconds for your inhale and exhale.

Result: This simple step sends a second signal to your body that you are safe and in a place that supports your process. Deep, slow breathing has long been known to stimulate a relaxation response of the nervous system (the parasympathetic response).

Step 3: Feel a Rejuvenating Feeling

Action: To the best of your ability, feel a genuine sense of caring, appreciation, gratitude, or compassion for anything or anyone.

Result: The key to success here is for your feeling to be as sincere and heartfelt as possible. As described previously, it’s the quality of this feeling that fine-tunes and optimises the coherence between your heart and your brain. While everyone is capable of this experience, it’s one of those processes that you may need to experiment with to find what works best for you.

Step 4: Ask Your Heart Intelligence a Question

Action: The previous three steps create the harmony between your brain and your heart that enables you to tap into your heart’s wisdom. As you continue to breathe and hold the focus in your heart, this is the time to ask your question.

Result: Heart intelligence generally works best when the questions are brief and to the point. Remember, your heart doesn’t need a preface or the history of a situation before the question. Ask your question silently as a single concise sentence and then allow your heart’s wisdom to respond in a way that works for you.

Step 5: Listen

Action: Become aware of how your body feels immediately as you are asking your question. Make a note of any sensations such as warmth, tingling, ringing of the ears, and emotions that may arise. Everyone learns and experiences uniquely. There is no correct or incorrect way of receiving your heart’s wisdom. The key here is to know what works best for you.

Result: For people who are already attuned to their bodies’ and their hearts’ intelligence, this step is the easiest part of the process. For those who may have less experience in listening to their bodies, this is an exercise in awareness.

I tend to receive my heart’s wisdom as words while at the same time I’m feeling the sensations in my body. Other people never hear the words but experience a nonverbal communication only, such as warmth radiating from their hearts or their gut. Sometimes people feel a wave of peace wash over them as they receive the answer to their question. What’s important here is to listen to your body and to learn how it communicates with you. Everyone’s body communicates differently.

I can honestly say that my heart’s wisdom has never led me to make a bad choice. And while I haven’t used this technique for every big decision I’ve made in my life, I can also say with honesty that the only choices I’ve regretted are the ones I made when I did not honour my heart’s wisdom.

Now you have a step-by-step technique to help you feel empowered in the face of life’s greatest challenges. While you probably can’t change the situations that arrive at your doorstep, you can definitely change the way to feel and respond to those situations. If you haven’t already done so, you may discover that your ability to access the wisdom of your heart, on demand, becomes a good friend to you and one of your greatest sources of strength in life. The consistency and accuracy of heart-based solutions empower you to face any situation, meet with any person or force, with a confidence that’s hard to find when you feel helpless, overwhelmed, powerless, and lost.

Once we learn the power of Resilience from the Heart, we can create it for ourselves, our families, and our communities, and apply it in our everyday lives. In this time of extremes, the resilience that we develop as individuals becomes even more effective, powerful, and potent when it can be applied by our families, friends, and neighbours. When we share our healing insights, we find the answer to the question of what it takes to create a way of life that reflects the values we’ve discovered through our personal journey. The time is now… cultivate your power to THRIVE in life.

Boost your immune system by connecting to your heart. We’re all in this together

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